American Made Cigarettes Online Your Number 1 Source for American Made Cigarettes Online

American Made Cigarettes Online Your Number 1 Source for American Made Cigarettes Online American Made cigarettes Links

The Disadvatages Of American Made Cigarettes

American made cigarettes are strongly regarded as the best quality cigarettes available today. However this is not without a price. Buying American made cigarettes in a store will cost you up to $100 per carton. Buying American made cigarettes on the internet can cost you up to a third of that i.e. around $30 a carton. When you look at the fact that you can save up to 66% off the price of the cigarettes you buy in your local store, it may seem like quite a good deal. However you can buy the same brands of cigarettes from a European online cigarette retailer, or an Easter European or Russian cigarette retailer, for half the price you would pay for the same carton from an American made cigarette retailer. That means you can buy non American made cigarettes for up to 80% less than what you would pay in your local store for them. This is an astronomical saving, especially if you are a smoker who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day.

The Advatages Of American Made Cigarettes

Buying American made cigarettes online has one great advantage, you get your cigarettes delivered to you much faster than any other online cigarettes. With the faster shipping also comes the advantage of having a tracking number for your order of cigarettes that will be delivered to you. Meaning you can see at any time exactly where your cigarettes are, and get an estimated date of arrival.

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Varieties Of American Made Cigarettes

American made cigarettes online are generally available in over 60 different types of brands. These brands are classed into three categories: Premium cigarettes, Generic cigarettes and Value cigarettes.

Classification Of American Made Cigarettes

Premium cigarettes are also referred to as discount cigarettes. These cigarettes are all of the top brands available on the American cigarette market today, and include: Marlboro cigarettes, Camel cigarettes, Newport cigarettes, and many, many more. These cigarettes are produced by America’s top cigarette manufacturers, including: Philip Morris, R.J. Reynolds (Who bought out Brown & Williamsons brands, including Kool cigarettes), Lolliard, and many more. Premium or discount cigarettes are also the most expensive cigarettes available on the internet today. This is because they are also the most expensive cigarettes available in your local store.

Generic cigarettes are also refered to as cheap cigarettes. These cigarettes are the generic alternative to premium cigarettes and also widely available on the US cigarette market today. Generic cigarettes or cheap cigarettes are generally produced by the same manufacturers as premium cigarettes. This enables the top cigarette manufacturers to not only cash in on smokers of premium cigarettes, but also catch the smokers who cannot afford to purchase premium cigarettes, with their cheaper cigarettes. Generic cheap cigarette brands include: Basic cigarettes, Doral cigarettes aqnd more. Generic cigarettes are cheaper than premium cigarettes, ut still not the cheapest cigarettes available.

Value cigarettes are also reffered to as discount cheap cigarettes. These cigarettes are the cheapest American made cigarettes available on the internet today. These cigarettes are not as well known or widely available as Generic or Premium cigarettes. However the fact that these are the cheapest cigarettes available makes them a cigarette worth buying in regards to value for money. Value cigarettes are produced by much smaller companies than Premium and Generic cigarettes, and therefore do not receive the exposure that the more popular cigarette brands. This is an advantage due to marking costs being lower, and this is reflected in the prices you pay for your cheap cigarettes. Value cigarette brands include: Buffalo cigarettes, Smokin’ Joes cigarettes, Seneca cigarettes, and more. Didn’t recognize any of the names? Not surprising, but at less than $20 per carton are you surprised that you have never heard of these Value cheap cigarettes?

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